This is me – Introductions

Hello world,

My name is Keturah. I’m an adoptee living in the Pacific Northwest.


I’m in my twenties and grew up in a blended family. Both my adoptive parents are white, while my adoptive siblings and I are all black. None of us have the same biological parents. This makes my siblings and I all transracial adoptees.

I identify as being hapa, or blaisan. I’m of mixed race and choose to acknowledge both my Korean and African-American heritage. As far as I know, my birth mother was a Korean adoptee herself and my birth father was a black man living in the south. This makes me half of both of those ethnic groups, which is why I choose to use the ethnic phrase #blasian.

I’m the oldest of three siblings, and have been the most vocal about exploring my adoption and trying to understand how adoption has shaped me as a person. My primary reason for this blog is to help me read more in 2019 about adoption, so I can process how adoption has shaped my life.

As an adoptee, many people have told me that I should be “grateful” that I was adopted. By reading more books centered around adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth mothers I hope to have more resources and a better way to engage in the adoptive community when adoption is looked though a white savior lens.

I want to be a better advocate for myself, and other adoptees.

2019 is the year that I hope to start sharing my adoptive story and how it’s affected me with my close friends & family in new ways that I haven’t before. I also want what I’m researching to be accessable to more people as well (all of you!). I want to be an advocate for the adoptive community and better understand some of the struggles that adoptees face. Through this blog I’ll be reading and reviewing books primarily, but will also use this space as a medium to interject my own thoughts as an adoptee.

Interested? Follow along.




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