National Foster Care Month – Awareness & Resources

Hello adoption family,

It’s been a while! I’ve been offline for around nine months due to some changes in my career, relationships, and living spaces. Though I quit blogging around April of 2019, I’m hoping to restart The Adoptee Reads during the month of May. I’ll once again be reading and reviewing books that discuss adoption, but this month I wanted to take a break from my usual content to amplify an issue that’s close to my heart.

May is National Foster Care month.

It’s a month where I believe we need to recognize the many efforts of social workers, non-profits, and families who dedicate so much to the foster family community.

As an adoptee, I was not placed in foster care before being adopted by my parents. However, two of my adopted siblings stayed in foster care for a long period of time before being adopted. Had no one been willing to assist in fostering them I doubt that my siblings and I would have ever met. I am very grateful for the unknown individuals that took care of them and assisted my parents in their adoption process. Foster care has effected my family and for that I’m very thankful.

Throughout May, I’ll be providing more resources on how we can learn, support, and advocate for children in the foster care system and the families who work closely with them.

Below is a list of some foster care sites that are promoting Foster Care Awareness Month in 2020. Take a look and learn along with me.



US Department of Health and Human Services – Children’s Bureau

Facebook Group  –

Awareness graphics-

National Foster Parent Association

Fundraising Bracelets –

Coffee + Caregivers Podcast –

American Bar Association

Nominate A Reunification Hero

Tidewater Friends of Foster Care –

Foster Care Awareness Summit – 2020 –

Foster Club

Pins –

Social Media Graphics –

Annie E Casey Foundation –

Resources for young people  –

Resources for parents/guardians –

Professional Resources  –

American Society for Positive Care of Children –

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network 

Rise Magazine (for foster parents) 

The Forgotten Initiative –

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